About me

Charles Aronson, originally from the U.S.A., started his Cabinet Trois Mondes in South West France.

Personal data

Name Charles Aronson
Born February 3, 1953
Petaluma, California, USA.
Background Raised by a Japanese mother, Yuko Furuta, and a Chinese stepfather, Jimmy Cheng.
Married to Dutch citizen, Caroline, and one daughter, Miya.

Education and Training (after highschool):

1976 ‑ 1979 S.F City College/S.F.State College – General Western Sciences
1985 ‑ 1989 Business in vitamins and health supplements called Light Force.
1985 ‑ 1990 S.F. College of Acupuncture / Oakland College of Acupuncture;
Received diploma in Traditional Chinese Medicine San Francisco, California
1985 ‑ 1992 Golden Gate Park Tai Chi Association, San Francisco, California;
Tai Chi Chuan courses with master Bill Chin and as from 1990, also was one of his teachers
1987 ‑ 1991 Berkeley Shiatsu Institute, Berkeley, California;
Shiatsu training course with mr. Peng Lee. Received diploma;
Shen’s Healing Center, San Francisco, California;
Internship with Angela Wu Shen and later as Training manager;
taught Shiatsu course at S.F. State University as part of TCM program of Angela Wu Shen
1992 Moved to Rotterdam, Holland
1993 ‑ 1994 Chinese Medical Center,Utrecht, Holland;
Advanced Acupuncture training. Received diploma.
1993 Start of TCM practice in Rotterdam;
Started Tai Chi Chuan courses in Arnhem and Rotterdam;
1994 Moved to Amsterdam, started TCM practice and began Tai Chi Chuan course.
The Arnhem and Rotterdam Tai Chi groups stay under my supervision with trained assistants.
1994 – 2005 TCM practice in Amsterdam, Holland
2006 – present TCM practice in Berdoues, France


Articles and interviews:

  • Veronica – Tai Chi
  • Nouveau – Alopecia
  • NWP magazine – Alopecia